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An awesome addition to complete your home bar decor.

You will only find this very cool beer tap light switch here at Lights on Tap™! It is designed to fit inside most single electrical gang boxes in the USA to replace a 120V 15 amp single pole light switch or other service switch.  Our beer tap light switches are handmade one at a time with care and attention to detail to ensure customer satisfaction. Each one is thoroughly tested before being packaged and delivered to our customers.

Product Components

Both the cover plate and barrel head tap switches come with a new 2-3/4″ black plastic handle. You can upgrade to our other logo brand handles we sell, which may be used or new. Used ones have a cool vintage feel. New are just that, new.

  • The beer faucet, shank and associated components are new and custom machined per a patent pending design from our sourced manufacturer here in the USA.
  • The wood barrel head is new from our sourced manufacturer here in the USA. In the future we plan to offer a variety of wood stain colors and custom lettering.
  • The electrical switch is new from our sourced manufacturer. It is single pole and rated 15 amps at 125 VAC, certified UL CSA.

Fair warning, our Lights on Tap™ switch has a utility and design patent pending.

Application Wiring

The function of the tap switch is to turn on/off any electrical service on a single pole 15 amp maximum 120 volt circuit with a pull/push of the handle. It is extremely easy to install. If wiring yourself, turn off power at breaker panel before attempting to install tap switch.  Simply attach the 2 hot wires from the screw terminals of the tap switch to hot  wires in gang box. It does not matter which wire goes to which switch terminal. Attach the ground wire to existing ground wire. If you are not familiar with electrical wiring, please consult a qualified electrician. NOTE: this switch will not work with 3-way wired lights.

Tap handle installation instruction

  1. Screw handle on to tap until tight, do NOT force!
  2. Turn handle back (counter-clockwise) until properly positioned.
  3. Hold handle in position and turn faucet lock nut upward to secure.
  4. Do NOT immerse handle in water or other liquids.
  5. Wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth.

Please note: If you have questions please contact us!

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